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The film is inspired fr0m n0vel Red Tea written by Paul Harris Daniel. The real suffering 0f Plantati0n w0rkers in s0uthern India is reflected in this n0vel.The auth0r w0rked in the Tea estate in th0se peri0d and experienced the w0rkers pain.Earlier times the management kept the w0rkers as slaves. Theref0re bala 0pted f0r the title Paradesi .

Adharvaa is rep0rted t0 play the s0n’s r0le and Bala had asked him t0 shed 10 kil0s. Amy Jacks0n was said t0 be playing the lead r0le but she denied and said that she wasn’t appr0ached f0r the r0le. Bala has r0ped in ab0ut 200 juni0r artistes f0r this film and had them all g0 bald. He wants all these juni0r artistes t0 stay bald thr0ugh0ut the 200-day schedule as it is 0ne 0f the maj0r requirements f0r the film. Vedhika was signed t0 act 0pp0site Atharva in this family drama. Impressed by Uma Riyaz’s perf0rmance in M0una Guru, Bala has asked the actress t0 play Adharvaa’s m0ther in this m0vie. P00ja Umashankar was 0riginally selected t0 play a crucial r0le in this m0vie, but she c0uld n0t act due t0 call-sheet pr0blems. Later Dhansika bagged that r0le.



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